Star Trek

Episode Guide

Season Air Date Year
Season 1 1995 2371
Season 2 1995-96 2372
Season 3 1996-97 2373
Season 4 1997-98 2374
Season 5 1998-99 2375
Season 6 1999-00 2376
Season 7 2000-01 2377

Season 1

"Caretaker, Part I" - 48315.6

Series Premiere - The new USS Voyager tries to rescue a Maquis ship from "The Badlands", when a strange force transports both ships to a distant region of space. When the Maquis ship is destroyed, the two different crews must learn to work together to find their way home.

"Caretaker, Part II" - (none)

Series Premiere - The new USS Voyager tries to rescue a Maquis ship from "The Badlands", when a strange force transports both ships to a distant region of space. When the Maquis ship is destroyed, the two different crews must learn to work together to find their way home.

"Parallax" - 48439.7

The Voyager encounters a quantum singularity and what appears to be another ship in jeopardy. In their attempts to rescue the vessel, the crew comes to realize that it is they who are trapped, and the race begins to free themselves before the ship is destroyed.

"Time and Again" - (none)

The Voyager finds a planet where all life has been destroyed. They discover subspace fractures which transport Captain Janeway and Lt. Paris back in time to right before the explosion. They must discover a way to avert the catastrophe to save their lives.

"Phage" - 48532.4

While searching for dilithium crystals, Voyager's crew finds a strange alien culture that must steal bodily organs to fight the "phage," a disease that eats away at their bodies and destroys their organs

"The Cloud" - 48546.2

While investigating what they believe to be a nebula in search of fuel, the crew of Voyager discovers that they have in fact entered and injured a new life form, which they must help heal as they try to escape.

"Eye of the Needle" - 48579.4

The Voyager crew becomes hopeful when they encounter a small wormhole through which they communicate with a cargo vessel on the other side... in the Alpha Quadrant.

"Ex Post Facto" - (none)

On a warring planet, Tom Paris is accused of a murder he didn't commit. His sentence is to relive the crime from the victim's point-of-view every 14 hours for the rest of his life.

"Emanations" - 48623.5

While exploring an alien burial ground, Ensign Kim is transported to the culture's homeworld... and his only way back... is death.

"Prime Factors" - 48642.5

The crew of the Voyager encounters an alien race that may hold the key to their return home.

"State Of Flux" - 48658.2

The Voyager responds to the distress calls of a Kazon warship, and discovers the ship was damaged by misuse of Federation technology. Is there a traitor onboard the Voyager?

"Heros & Demons" - 48693.2

The ship's Holodeck is taken over by an alien lifeform that transforms the crew into pure energy. The Holographic Doctor must push beyond his programmed limits to fight the alien and save the crew.

"Cathexis" - 48734.2

An alien presence is wandering Voyager, briefly taking over crew members. Can Janeway stop it before the ship is destroyed?

"Faces" - 48784.2

Lt. Torres is captured by the Phage aliens and split into two separate beings - one fully Klingon, the other fully human - while they search for a cure to the disease.

"Jetrel" - 48832.1

Neelix is confronted by the man responsible for the annihilation of much of the Talaxian race, including his family.

"Learning Curve" - 48846.5

Season 1 finale - Tuvok's attempt to train Maquis crew members in Starfleet protocol turns them mutinous. B'Elanna and the Doctor try to discover why the ship is mysteriously losing power.

Season 2

"The 37's" - 48975.9

Season 2 premiere - Captain Janeway encounters the first woman aviator, Amelia Earhart, on an alien planet.

"Initiations" - 49005.3

Alone aboard a shuttlecraft, Chakotay is targeted by a young Kazon warrior who must earn his name by killing the Federation enemy.

"Projections" - 48892.1

Believing that Voyager has suffered a massive Kazon attack, the Doctor ventures from Sickbay, via remote holo-projection system, to aid those on board.

"Elogium" - 48921.3

When alien life forms accelerate Kes' reproductive process, she has just one chance to mate and have a child.

"Non Sequitor" - 49011.0

Ensign Kim Awakens to find himself on Earth in 24th century San Francisco.

"Twisted" - (none)

A spacial distortion causes a system malfunction and changes the ship's structural layout.

"Parturition" - (none)

Neelix and Paris make unlikely teammates and even more unlikely caretakers to a newborn alien.

"Persistence of Vision" - (none)

As the Voyager crew readies for a first encounter with an alien species, a strange psionic field causes their most deeply buried thoughts to surface.

"Tatoo" - (none)

When an Away Team encounters hostile natives, Chakotay has flashbacks of himself as a young boy who disappoints his father by not embracing his cultural traditions.

"Cold Fire" - (none)

The Caretaker's female mate, possibly the only hope in returning the Voyager crew home, is found.

"Maneuvers" - 49208.5

The Kazon join together to try and conquer the Voyager, but the driving force behind them is not Kazon, but traitor Seska.

"Resistance" - (none)

Captain Janeway must rescue Tuvok and Torres when Mokra soldiers take them prisoner, but she is forced to rely on an eccentric alien man who believes she is his daughter.

"Prototype" - (none)

When the crew finds a deactivated robot floating in space, a curious Torres brings it back to life, only to be abducted by it.

"Alliances" - 49337.4

To strengthen Voyager's position in the Quadrant, Janeway reluctantly seeks to form an alliance with the Kazon.

"Threshold" - 49373.4

Lt. Paris makes history by shuttling to Warp 10, but the experience causes startling biochemistry changes and he transforms into a bizarre amphibian-like creature.

"Meld" - (none)

One crewman attempts to murder another, leading Tuvok to attempt an understanding of violent impulses through a mind-meld.

"Dreadnought" - 49447.0

Torres must reprogram a Cardassian-designed errant missile before it destroys a planet, and Voyager.

"Death Wish" - 49301.2

Captain Janeway endures the Universe's most notorious troublemaker. And Commander William T. Riker is called to testify on Q's behalf.

"Lifesigns" - 49504.3

While treating a Viidian female for the Phage, the Doctor feels romantic for the first time.

"Investigations" - 49485.2

After Lt. Paris takes leave to join a Talaxian convoy, Neelix's investigation leads him to believe Paris had been trading information to the Kazon all along.

"Deadlock" - 49548.7

A baby is born on Voyager, as the Viidians draw near and a mysterious field creates a duplicate Voyager with an identical crew, but there is not enough anti-matter to sustain both vessels.

"Innocence" - (none)

Tuvok intervenes on behalf of a young Drayan-born child abandoned by her own people.

"The Thaw" - (none)

The Voyager crew must conquer the embodiment of Fear - a maniacal clown.

"Tuvix" - 49655.2

A strange occurrence during an Away Mission causes Neelix and Tuvok to become one entity - Tuvix - a humor-filled, logic defying fusion of the two crewmen.

"Resolutions" - 49690.1

Janeway and Chakotay are afflicted with a deadly virus and must confine themselves to a small planet while the rest of the crew continues the journey home.

"Basics, Part I" - (none)

Season 2 Finale - The battle is over... Voyager has lost... the Kazon seize the ship and abandon a defenseless Starfleet crew on a primitive planet.

Season 3

"Basics, Part II" - 50032.7

Season 3 Premiere - While the Kazon set a course for destruction in the commandeered U.S.S Voyager, a deserted Starfleet crew braves the harsh elements of a primitive planet.

"Flashback" - 50126.4

Janeway Mind-melds with Tuvok, entering his memories of duty aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior with Captain Hikaru Sulu. This is Star Trek:Voyager's episode for the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek..

"The Chute" - 50156.2

Harry Kim is trapped on a prison ship and has to fight his way out.

"The Swarm" - 50255.3

As the crew fends off mysterious aliens, the Emergency Medical Holographic program overloads and The Doctor may be lost forever.

"False Profits" - 50074.3

Voyager discovers two Ferengi in the Delta Quadrant who are passing themselves off as demigods.

"Remember" - 50203.1

B'Elanna is implanted with an Enaran woman's bitter-sweet memories of her forbidden true love and her own species' secret act of genocide against his kind.

"Sacred Ground" - 50063.2

In order to save Kes's life, Janeway must undergo a grueling experience.

"Future's End, Part I - (none)

Voyager goes to Earth in 1996 A.D. to stop a businessman who stole 29th Century technology.

"Future's End, Part II - 50312.5

Starling and Janeway match wits over the timeship as Rain, Paris, and Tuvok try to run interference. Meanwhile, Chakotay and Torres are captured by militiamen, who believe the two are part of a Government conspiracy.

"Warlord" - 50348.1

Kes receives the memories of a great warrior and thinks she is male because the warrior was male.

"The Q And The Grey" - 50384.2

Q returns from the Continuum and tries to convince Captain Janeway to have a baby with him.

"Macrocosm" - 50425.1

Voyager is seized by an unknown lifeform which attacks and overwhelms the crew and disables the ship - and Captain Janeway must fight to save her ship.

"Fair Trade" - (none)

While visiting a heavily-secured space station, Neelix encounter an old friend, and his crewmates end up accused of murder.

"Alter Ego" - 50460.3

Tuvok is stalked by a "love-sick" holodeck character, who is more than she seems.

"Coda" - 50518.6

After her shuttlecraft crash lands, a critically injured Captain Janeway is attacked by Vidiians and has a mysterious near death experience during which she encounters her father, Admiral Janeway.

"Blood Fever" - 50537.2

During their exploration of a decimated colony, the Voyager Away Team is thrown into turmoil with the sudden onset of the Vulcan mating season.

"Unity" - 50621.2

When the Voyager crew finds a disabled Borg ship adrift in space and discover a thousand members of the powerful Borg race lying dead aboard it, they transport one of the corpses to Sickbay so The Doctor and Kes can perform an autopsy and learn what killed them.

"Darkling" - 50693.2

To improve his performance, The Doctor tries to incorporate traits from accomplished historical figures. But he gets the bad with the good and is soon over taken by a dangerous, cruel Mister Hyde-like personality.

"Rise" - (none)

Janeway and the Voyager crew try to help the Nezu Ambassador and his colleague discover why their planet is suddenly bombarded by asteroids. When Neelix and Tuvok crash land on Nezu, they learn they have a dangerous traitor in the midst.

"Favorite Son" - 50732.4

Ensign Kim leads Voyager to a mysterious planet, where the almost exclusively female population say Kim is part Taresian, and they want him for reproductive purposes.

"Before And After" - (none)

An old Kes undergoes treatment to extend her lifespan, but strangely starts traveling back through time, experiencing the Voyager crew's future in reverse.

"Real Life" - 50836.2

Voyager investigates an astral eddy which almost swallows up Tom Paris. The Doctor creates a holographic family for himself, to better understand his human patients.

"Distant Origin" - (none)

The Voyager crew are unwitting research subjects after a scientist of the Voth race infiltrates the ship.

"Displaced" - 50912.4

Members of the Voyager crew are inexplicably exchanged with members of an alien race.

"Worst Case Scenario" - 50953.4

The crew is torn by the discovery of a computer scenario projecting a takeover of the ship by the Maquis.

"Scorpion, Part I" - 50984.3

Season 3 Finale - The sudden appearance of a complex and deadly bioform that destroys everything in its path forces Janeway to attempt the unthinkable - an alliance with the Borg.

Season 4

"Scorpion, Part II" - 51003.7

Season 4 Premiere- Voyager and the Borg work together to stop Species 8472

"The Gift" - (none)

Seven Of Nine begins to become human again and Kes must leave Voyager to prevent its destruction

"Day Of Honor" - (none)

Torres and Paris are trapped alone in space

"Nemesis" - 51082.4

Chakotay crashes on a war torn planet

"Revulsion" - 51186.2

The Doctor finds another hologram

"The Raven" - (none)

Seven is called back to the Borg

"Scientific Method" - 51244.3

An alien species performs experiments on the crew

"Year Of Hell" - 51268.4

Voyager battles the Krenim who are changing time

"Year Of Hell, Part II" - 51425.4

Janeway tries to set the timeline back the way it was

"Random Thoughts" - 51367.2

B'elanna is tried for having violent thoughts

"Concerning Flight" - 51386.4

Aliens steal vital parts of Voyager

"Mortal Coil" - 51449.2

Neelix dies and Seven uses Borg techniques to bring him back to life

"Waking Moments" - 51471.3

An alien invades the crew's dreams

"Message In A Bottle" - (none)

The doctor travels to the Alpha Quadrant

"Hunters" - 51501.4

The Hirogen begins to hunt for Voyager

"Prey" - 51652.3

The Hirogen chase one of Species 8472

"Retrospect" - 51679.4

An alien steals Borg nano probes from Seven

"The Killing Game" - (none)

Hirogen takeover Voyager and use the crew in holodeck simulations

"The Killing Game, Part II" - 51715.2

The crew take back Voyager from the Hirogen

"Vis à Vis" - 51762.4

An alien takes Tom's place on Voyager

"Omega Directive" - 51781.2

Voyager finds an Omega Phenomenon

"Unforgettable" - 51813.4

A woman comes back to Voyager that no one remembers

"Living Witness" - (none)

700 years in the future the Doctor must set the record straight about Voyager with an alien culture

"Demon" - (none)

Voyager finds deuterium on a class Y demon planet

"One" - 51929.3

Seven must run the entire ship by herself

"Hope And Fear" - 51978.2

Season 4 Finale - Starfleet sends a ship to the Delta Quadrant to bring Voyager home

Season 5

"Night" - 52081.2

Season 5 Premiere -Voyager enters an area of space that has no stars

"Drone" - (none)

Seven and the Doctor make a super Borg drone

"Extreme Risk" - (none)

Torres engages in reckless activities

"In The Flesh" - 52136.4

Species 8472 creates a simulation of Earth

"Once Upon A Time" - (none)

Paris, Tuvok, and Neelix confront Naomi's storybook characters

"Timeless" - 52143.6

Chakotay and Kim help bring back the crew after 15 years have past

"Infinite Regress" - 52356.2

A Borg device gives Seven multiple personalities

"Nothing Human" - (none)

An alien attaches itself to B'elanna

"Thirty Days" - 52179.4

Paris is reduced to the rank of ensign and is thrown in the brig

"Counterpoint" - (none)

An alien race inspects Voyager for telepaths

"Latent Image" - (none)

The Doctor finds that someone has tampered with his memory

"Bride Of Chaotica" - (none)

Aliens attack a holodeck simulation

"Gravity" - 52438.9

Paris, Tuvok, and the Doctor crash on a desert planet

"Bliss" - 52542.3

The crew finds a wormhole to Earth

"Dark Frontier, Part I" - (none)

Voyager prepares to steal a transwarp coil from a Borg sphere

"Dark Frontier, Part II" - 52619.2

Seven rejoins the Borg

"The Disease" - (none)

Kim becomes connected with an alien through intimate contact

"Course: Oblivion" - 52568.3

The crew begins to mysteriously die

"The Fight" - (none)

Aliens contact Chakotay through his mind

"Think Tank" - (none)

A group of aliens want Seven to join their think tank

"Juggernaut" - (none)

Voyager tries to stop a ship from spreading theta radiation

"Someone To Watch Over Me" - 52647.0

The Doctor tries to teach Seven about dating

"11:59" - (none)

Janeway recalls the history of a 21st Century ancestor

"Relativity" - 52861.2

Seven must help 29th Century Starfleet to fix the timeline

"Warhead" - (none)

An artificially intelligent warhead takes over Voyager

"Equinox" - (none)

Season 5 Finale -Voyager finds another Starfleet vessel in the Delta Quadrant

Season 6

"Equinox, Part II" - (none)

Season 6 Premiere - Voyager stops the Equinox and her crew

"Survival Instinct" - 53049.2

A group of former Borg drones want Seven's help to become individuals

"Barge Of The Dead" - (none)

B'elanna has a near death experience

"Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" - (none)

The Doctor's daydream gets out of control

"Alice" - (none)

Paris fixes a ship with a mind of her own

"Riddles" - 53263.2

Tuvok suffers brain damage from an alien attack

"Dragon's Teeth" - 53167.9

Voyager finds a being in stasis for 900 years

"One Small Step" - 53292.7

Voyager finds an old 21st century spacecraft in an anomaly

"The Voyager Conspiracy" - (none)

Seven believes there is a conspiracy on Voyager

"Pathfinder" - (none)

Lt. Barclay finds a way to communicate with Voyager from the Alpha Quadrant

"Fair Haven" - (none)

Janeway falls in love with a holographic character

"Blink Of An Eye" - (none)

Voyager finds a planet where days go by in a second

"Virtuoso" - 53556.4

An entire planet becomes obsessed with the Doctor's singing

"Memorial" - (none)

Chakotay, Paris, Kim and Neelix are in a war the forgot

"Tsunkatse" - 53447.2

Seven is forced to participate in a wrestling style sport

"Collective" - (none)

An away team is captured by a cube of 5 young Borg

"Spirit Folk" - (none)

Fair Haven realizes the crew of Voyager does not belong in there town

"Ashes To Ashes" - 53679.4

A dead crew member comes back as another species

"Child's Play" - (none)

One of the Borg children returns to his parents

"Good Shepherd" - 53753.2

Janeway takes there young crewmen on their first away mission

"Life Fast And Proper" - 53649.2

Some thieves impersonate the crew of Voyager

"Muse" - 53896.0

B'elanna is stranded on a planet that makes plays of her stories

"Fury" - (none)

Kes returns to destroy Voyager

"Life Line" - (none)

The Doctor goes back to the Alpha Quadrant to save this maker from death

"The Haunting Of Deck Twelve" - (none)

An electromagnetic alien makes Voyager malfunction and takes over the ship

"Unimatrix Zero" - (none)

Season 6 Finale -Many Borg have individual experiences of their former lives while regenerating

Season 7

"Unimatrix Zero, Part II" - 54014.4

Season 7 Premiere - Janeway, Tuvok & Torres infiltrate the Borg to save Unimatrix Zero

"Imperfections" - 54129.4

Seven's implants malfunction and only Icheb can save her

"Drive" - 54058.6

Paris races the Delta Flyer against some aliens

"Repression" - 54090.4

Tuvok investigates assaults on Maquis crew members

"Critical Care" - (none)

The Doctor is kidnapped and must help save his captors

"Inside Man" - 54208.3

Barclay has a plan to get Voyager home

"Body And Soul" - 54238.3

Seven downloads the Doctor into her implants to save him

"Nightingale" - 54284.7

Kim captains an alien ship caught in a war

"Flesh And Blood, Part I" - (none)

The Hirogen battle a group of renegade holograms

"Flesh And Blood, Part II" - 54337.5

The Doctor joins the renegade holograms

"Shattered" - (none)

Chakotay travels through different Voyager realities

"Lineage" - 54452.6

Belanna has problems dealing with her pregnancy

"Repentance" - 54474.6

Voyager helps transport prisoners for another planet

"Prophecy" - 54518.2

A group of Klingons think Torres' baby is a prophet

"The Void" - 54553.4

Voyager enters a starless void filled Scavengers

"Workforce, Part I" - 54584.3

Most of the crew is taken captive and force to work on a planet

"Workforce, Part II" - 54622.4

Chakotay, Kim and the Doc try to save the crew

"Human Error" - (none)

Seven gets wrapped up in holodeck fantasy

"Q2" - 54704.5

Q brings his son to Voyager for them to watch

"Author, Author" - 54723.2

Doctor writes his own holo-novel based on Voyager

"Friendship One" - 54775.4

Voyager must find an old Earth Probe from 2067

"Natural Law" - 54814.5

Chakotay and Seven land on a planet covered by a shield barrier

"Homestead" - 54868.6

A group of Talaxians are found and Neelix leaves Voyager

"Renaissance Man" - 54890.7

Aliens kidnap the Captain and the Doctor must save her.

"Endgame, Part I" - (none)

Series Finale (Season 7) - 26 years later Voyager celebrates the 10th anniversary of it's return to Earth.

"Endgame, Part II" - 54973.4

Series Finale (Season 7) - Admiral Janeway comes from the future to bring Voyager home.

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