Star Trek

Episode Guide

Season Air Date Year
Season 1 1966-67 2266-67
Season 2 1967-68 2267-68
Season 3 1968-69 2268-69

Season 1

"The Cage"(pilot) - (none)

Captain Pike becomes part of a scientific experiment in which he must mate with Vina, the lone survivor of a crash landing on a planet.

"Where no man has gone before" (pilot) - 1312.4

After nearly breaking the galactic barrier, the Enterprise must deal with Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell, who has developed powers since this journey and become almost power-crazed.

"The Corbomite Maneuver" - 1512.2

After destroying a space buoy, the Enterprise is threatened by a huge spaceship and must bluff its way out.

"Mudd's Women" - 1329.8

Harry Mudd, a criminal, and three women beam aboard the Enterprise and try to sell beauty drugs on a mining world.

"The Enemy Within" - 1672.1

A transporter accident causes Kirk to split into two people: one kind and intelligent, the other violent and evil.

"The Man Trap" - 1513.1

An old friend of Dr. McCoy's turns out to be a creature that lives on salt.

"The Naked Time" - 1704.2

A disease causing psychological effects on the crew strikes the Enterprise.

"Charlie X" - 1533.6

A young man with strange powers threatens the Enterprise.

"Balance of Terror" - 1709.2

The Enterprise plays hide-and-seek with a Romulan Warbird as it attacks Federation outposts.

"What Are Little Girls Made Of?" - 2712.4

Dr. Roger Korby, Nurse Chapel's fiance, is found on a planet run by androids.

"Dagger of theMind" - 2715.1

A 23rd-century mental hospital is taken over by a mad doctor with the help of a new mind control device.

"Miri" - 2713.5

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Rand are trapped on a planet where children live long but die when they reach puberty.

"The Conscience of the King" - 2817.6

A murder mystery is linked to an actor who may have committed the murder.

"The Galileo Seven" - 2821.5

Spock leads a mission aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo but crash-lands on a planet with ape-like natives.

"Court Martial" - 29470.3

Kirk is accused of killing an officer and the evidence has been altered to prove his guilt.

"The Menagerie, Part 1" - 3012.4

Spock attempts to transport a wounded Captain Pike to Talos IV unsuccessfully and must face court-martial.

"The Menagerie, Part 2" - 3013.1

Spock attempts to transport a wounded Captain Pike to Talos IV unsuccessfully and must face court-martial.

"Shore Leave" - 3025.3

The crew visit a planet where thoughts come true.

"The Squire of Gothos" - 2124.5

The Enterprise is threatened by Trelane, a playful squire with tremendous powers.

"Arena" - 3045.6

Kirk and the captain of another vessel must fight to determine the fate of both vessels.

"The Alternative Factor" - 3087.6

The Enterprise encounters Lazarus, a mysterious man that seems to have a double life.

"Tomorrow Is Yesterday" - 3113.2

The Enterprise transports back to Earth of the 1960's and accidentally beams aboard an Air Force pilot.

"Return of the Archons" - 3156.2

Kirk must battle with a computer that puts individuals under a controlling force.

"A Taste of Armageddon" - 3192.1

The Enterprise gets caught in a war fought between two worlds using computers.

"Space Seed" - 3141.9

An artificially-bred criminal from the late 20th-century with superhuman powers tries to take over the Enterprise.

"This Side of Paradise" - 3417.3

A plant affects the emotions of the people that it hits, including Spock.

"The Devil in the Dark" - 3196.1

The Enterprise is called in to investigate the murder of mining engineers on a lifeless planet.

"Errand of Mercy" - 3198.4

Kirk and Spock battle against Klingons killing the inhabitants of Organia, who don't seem to care whether or not they survive.

"The City on the Edge of Forever" - (none)

After McCoy accidentally overdoses on a drug, the crew must follow him back in time to the 1930's and prevent him from changing history.

"Operation: Annihilate" - 3287.2

The crew must battle amoeba-like aliens that are terrorizing a planet.

Season 2

"Catspaw" - 3018.2

A "Halloween" like scenario terrorizes the crew of the Enterprise.

"Metamorphosis" - 3219.8

A famed scientist who hasn't aged a day is found on a planet with a cloud-like creature called the Companion.

"Friday's Child" - 3497.2

Kirk and Spock try to stop the Klingons from creating an alliance with a warlike people and must prevent a pregnant woman's death.

"Who Mourns for Adonais?" - 3468.1

The Greek god Apollo terrorizes the crew and falls in love with Scotty's girl friend.

"Amok Time" - 3372.7

Spock must return to Vulcan to complete an ordeal known as Pon Farr.

"The Doomsday Machine" - (none)

The Enterprise must battle with a machine that eats planets and starships.

"Wolf in the Fold" - 3614.9

Is Scotty a murderer or is the murderer a mysterious entity?

"The Changeling" - 3451.9

An ancient space probe mistakes Kirk for its creator and believes its mission is to destroy imperfect life forms.

"The Apple" - 3715.3

Natives worship a serpent-like creature that is actually a computer.

"Mirror, Mirror" - (none)

An ion storm transports Kirk, Scott, McCoy, and Uhura to a parallel universe.

"The Deadly Years" - 3478.2

The crew ages rapidly due to a strange disease.

"I, Mudd" - 4513.3

Harry Mudd returns on a planet run by androids in which he is ruler.

"The Trouble with Tribbles" - 4523.3

Kirk tries to protect some quadrotriticale, a high yield hybrid of wheat and rye, while dealing with Tribbles, creatures that multiply quite rapidly

"Beard and Circuses" - 4040.7

A society similar to Earth is found on a planet in which a 20th century Roman Empire is still in control of the world.

"Journey to Babel" - 3842.3

A Vulcan ambassador and his wife are discovered to be Spock's parents.

"A Private Little War" - 4211.4

Kirk is bitten by a Mugato and Spock is shot with a flint-lock rifle while the rest of the crew fights Klingons.

"The Gamesters of Triskelion" - 3211.7

Kirk, Uhura, and Chekov are kidnapped by beings to fight in deadly games for the amusement of three brains.

"Obsession" - 3619.2

A cloudlike creature that Kirk had encountered as a lieutenant with Captain Garrovick terrorizes the Enterprise and Garrovick's son.

"The Immunity Syndrome" - 4307.1

A giant amoeba menaces the universe and the Enterprise is the only ship that can stop it.

"A Piece of the Action" - (none)

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy meet the Untouchables on a planet that reenacts a book left behind by another starship.

"By Any Other Name" - 4657.5

The Kelvans lure the Enterprise into a trap to see if our galaxy is ready to be colonized by the Kelvan Empire.

"Return to Tomorrow" - 4768.3

Kirk, Spock, and a female doctor have their bodies borrowed by three survivors of a lost civilization.

"Patterns of Force" - (none)

The Enterprise finds a planet in which Nazi Germany has been recreated.

"The Ultimate Computer" - 4729.4

A new computer invented by a prodigy and installed aboard the Enterprise assumes that a combat simulation is real.

"The Omega Glory" - (none)

The Enterprise discovers a starship whose crew has died from a mysterious virus and finds a planet that is parallel to Earth, except that the communists have won control of the planet.

"Assignment: Earth" - (none)

The Enterprise travels back in time to find Gary Seven, an alien who wants to prevent the launching of an orbital atomic bomb.

Season 3

"Spectre of the Gun" - 4385.3

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Chekov are transported to a recreation of the OK Corral gunfight, doomed to die.

"Elaan of Troyius" - 4372.5

A spoiled brat that Kirk is assigned to transport to marry another leader is pursued by Klingons and causes Kirk to fall in love with her because of her tears.

"The Paradise Syndrome" - 4842.6

Kirk loses his memory and is left on a planet where he is worshipped as a god.

"The Enterprise Incident" - 5027.3

Is Kirk going crazy by dragging the Enterprise to Romulan space, jeopardizing the crew?

"And the Children Shall Lead" - 5029.5

Five children with powers are guided by Gorgon, the friendly angel, to take over planets and other people.

"Spock's Brain" - 5431.4

Females steal Spock's brain and attempt to use it to run their society.

"Is There in Truth No Beauty?" - 5630.7

A love triangle occurs between a telepathic scientist, her old lover, and a alien that causes madness.

"The Empath" - 5121.5

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are kidnapped by aliens who want to conduct experiments on them and find a mute women who can cure pain.

"The Tholian Web" - 5693.2

Kirk is lost, the crew goes mad, and Tholians construct a web around the Enterprise.

"For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky" - 5476.3

McCoy, who only has a year to live, falls in love with a priestess on a asteroid.

"Day of the Dove" - (none)

Phasers turn into swords, Klingons fight the crew of the Enterprise, and an alien feeds off their fighting.

"Plato's Stepchildren" - 5784.2

Powerful telekinetics control the Enterprise crew on the planet Platonius.

"Wink of an Eye" - 5710.5

Kirk encounters a people that lives in a different time continuum (ie. time is speeded up).

"That Which Survives" - (none)

A hologram threatens the lives of several crewmen of the Enterprise as an away team is stranded on an artificial planet.

"Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" - 5730.2

Two humanoids fight against each other, the last of two races who have wiped each other out.

"Whom Gods Destroy" - 5718.3

A once legendary captain who has gone insane takes control of a Federation asylum.

"The Mark of Gideon" - 5423.4

An overcrowded, disease-free planet wants Kirk to inflict disease upon them.

"The Lights of Zetar" - 5725.3

Scotty's girl friend acquires powers to see in the future after looking at the lights of Zetar.

"The Cloud Minders" - 5818.4

On a planet, rulers live in the cities on clouds, miners live on the surface. The miners struggle for equality.

"The Way to Eden" - 5832.3

Space hippies come on board the Enterprise searching for the legendary planet of Eden.

"Requiem for Methuselah" - 5843.7

Flint, a man with rare articles in his house, is found on a planet with a robot and a girl, who falls in love with Kirk.

"The Savage Curtain" - 5906.4

Abraham Lincoln comes on board the Enterprise and fights a battle between good and evil with Kirk and Spock.

"All Our Yesterdays" - 5943.7

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are accidentally transported to the past on a planet whose sun is about to go supernova.

"Turnabout Intruder" - 5928.5

Dr. Janice Lester, an old romance of Kirk's, switches bodies with him to become commander of a starship.

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